Upcoming Events

David and Kath Wilson will be attending NLWARC on two occasions to give two talks, the first one on the 17th May will be about the RSGB and what it does for Amateur Radio enthusiasts in the Uk. David is one of the ex presidents of the RSGB and so is in an excellent position to give a talk about the RSGB’s role. Kath is the current (long serving) area 3 representative and also has a great insight into the RSGB and what it can do for you and the club.

Dave and Kath return on the 21st June to talk about the local repeater group (UK FM Group Western). Kath is the membership secretary of the group. Most if not all UK repeaters are funded by donations and the generosity of the Amateur Radio Community. If you enjoy using the repeater system and don’t want to see it disappear, then please consider joining the repeater group and help fund their worthwhile cause.

Finally – and only a provisional date as yet – we hope to welcome local GB2RS newsreader (and white stick operator) Annick Morris, M0HDE to give a presentation on what its like to be a white stick operator and also to give an insight into the GB2RS news service which broadcasts (and is the only service allowed to under licence conditions) every Sunday at various times and on various bands.

Hope to see you all there, Lee M0LGL.