Two new Annual Trophies!

NLWARC are pleased to announce two new trophies – both to be presented at the Christmas meal.


First of all is the Chairman’s Trophy – presented for the most contacts to to different countries (you may work the same country more than once, provided you use either a different mode or band).

The Chairman's Trophy

The competition runs from 00:01 on the 3rd September 2015, to 00:00 on the 24th November 2015 (future competitions will be from 00:01 on the 1st January to 00:00 the night before the last meeting in November.

Secondly will be the ‘Most Unusual Activation Trophy’. This will be awarded to the Amateur who in the opinion of the Vice Chair (the Vice Chair and their immediate family are excluded from this competition) has activated the most unusual place or setting. To qualify you must log at least three different contacts (any band / mode is acceptable), provide PHOTOGRAPHIC please keep them clean) proof of the location (as well as an EQSL log for the date in question). The days / times are exactly the same as for the Chairman’s Trophy.

Most Unusual Activation Trophy

Both trophies will need to be returned to the club on the last meeting in November. The trophies will be presented by the Chairman / Vice Chair for 2015, but in subsequent years the preceding years winner will have the honour of presenting the trophy.

For 2015, the ONLY permissible logging program will be EQSL, and you will need to provide proof that the contacts took place (contacts must be EQSL verified).