Once you have completed the Foundation exam and received your callsign, you are free to use MOST of the Amateur bands to make worldwide contacts. Although limited to 10 watts E.R.P., you can still make contacts to far flung places, and in fact many Amateurs enjoy the challenge of using very low power (QRP) of around 5 watts E.R.P.
However – if you wish to use more power, and to use ALL the Amateur Bands then you need to upgrade to the Intermediate level. Progression through the levels is not mandatory and you can progress at your own pace, or if your happy too you can stop at any level.
Our Intermediate Course aims to help you understand how components work by allowing you to experiment and make your own components. This way you can see how changes to the physical properties of a component affect it’s value.
There is unfortunately also some theory which our instructors will explain at a pace to suit you. Everyone is different, and this is why we allow people to learn at their own pace – with no pressure to complete a section before we move to the next. Lessons can be repeated as often as required and in different ways until you are happy that you have grasped the concepts involved.
There are also practical exercises that need to be completed as well as an Amateur Radio related project – don’t worry we are here to help you all the way.

Intermediate exams are on the 2nd Tuesday in July and January