Special Event Stations

Every year, ther are numerous Special Event Stations set up to commemorate special dates, promote historic events, or to promote Amateur Radio to those who may be interested.Below is a list of some of those events, and where possible dates for them.

Event Month Date
World Thinking Day On The Air February 22
Airfields On The Air April
World Amateur Radio Day April 18
International Marconi Day April 21
Castles And Stately Homes On The Air May
Pubs and Clubs On The Air May
SOS Radio Week May 1 – 31
Mills On The Air May 11 – 12
Armed Forces Day June 29
Museums On The Air June
British Inland Waterways On The Air August
International Lighthouses and Lightships on the Air August 17 – 18
Former Colliery Sites On The Air August 23
Churches and Chapels On The Air September
Air Ambulance Week September
Railways On The Air September 21 – 22
Jamboree On The Air October 18 – 20