Special Event Station Events and Activity Awards

Every year, ther are numerous Special Event Stations set up to commemorate special dates, promote historic events, or to promote Amateur Radio to those who may be interested.Below is a list of some of those events, and where possible dates for them.

Event Month Date
World Thinking Day On The Air February 22
Airfields On The Air April
World Amateur Radio Day April 18
International Marconi Day April 21
Castles And Stately Homes On The Air May
Pubs and Clubs On The Air May
SOS Radio Week May 1 – 31
Mills On The Air May 11 – 12
Armed Forces Day June 29
Museums On The Air June
British Inland Waterways On The Air August
International Lighthouses and Lightships on the Air August 17 – 18
Former Colliery Sites On The Air August 23
Churches and Chapels On The Air September
Air Ambulance Week September
Railways On The Air September 21 – 22
Jamboree On The Air October 18 – 20

Other Activities

Beaches On The Air
Beaches On The Air is an award scheme for radio amateurs that encourages portable operation from beaches. There are awards for activators (those who operate from the beaches) and chasers (those who contact activators from home or elsewhere). You can participate from any country or region around the world. Our beach lists currently contain more than 30,000 beaches and aim to be as exhaustive and objective as possible, and are often based on official sources, such as environmental protection agencies.

In DeSoto’s words, “The basic rule is simple and direct: Each discrete geographical or political entity is considered to be a country.” This rule has stood the test of time — from the original list published in 1937, to the ARRL DXCC List of today. For more than 70 years, the DXCC List has been the standard for DXers around the world.

HuMPs Excluding Marilyns
HEMA stands for HuMPs Excluding Marilyns Award. To the uninitiated that might look like gobbledegook. A HuMP is a summit that has Hundred Metre Prominence, meaning that it sticks up above the surrounding land by at least 100m. A Marilyn is a summit with 150m prominence. HEMA then is an award for HuMPs with a prominence of less than 150m. Marilyns have their own award scheme through SOTA. The HEMA scheme currently operates in the UK and Ireland, other parts of Europe and Australia.

Islands On The Air
The IOTA (Islands On The Air) Programme is an exciting and innovative activity programme that has caught the interest of thousands of radio amateurs worldwide. Established in 1964, it promotes radio contacts with stations located on islands around the world to enrich the experience of all active on the amateur bands and, to do this, it draws on the widespread mystique surrounding islands. It is administered by Islands On The Air (IOTA) Ltd (called here IOTA Management) in partnership with the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

Parks On The Air
Parks on the Air (POTA) was founded Sept. 15, 2010, to encourage amateur-radio operators who enjoy the outdoors — but who may not be interested in or able to take long hikes or make steep climbs — to blend their interests by operating from municipal, county, state, provincial, and national parks around the world.

Summits On The Air
SOTA is fully operational in nearly a hundred countries across the world. Each country has its own Association which defines the recognised SOTA summits within that Association. Each summit earns the activators and chasers a score which is related to the height of the summit. Certificates are available for various scores, leading to the prestigious “Mountain Goat” and “Shack Sloth” trophies. An Honour Roll for Activators and Chasers is maintained at the SOTA online database.

Wainwrights On The Air
Wainwrights On The Air (WOTA for short) is an adventure radio programme for amateur radio enthusiasts who enjoy being out on the fells of the English Lake District, as well as those who just like collecting contacts with unusual locations, and has been designed to make participation possible for everyone.

Worked All Britain
The Worked All Britain Awards Group (W.A.B.) was devised by the late John Morris G3ABG in 1969. This was to promote an interest in Amateur Radio in Britain and to sponsor a series of awards based on the geography of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Worldwide Flora And Fauna In Amateur Radio
WWFF, World Wide Flora and Fauna in Amateur Radio, is encouraging to leave your shack and go outside portable operating in protected nature parks all over the world.
More than 20.000 nature parks world wide are already registered in our WWFF Directory. Hunters and Activators can apply for colorful awards, globally and national.