New Year, New Shack!

2019 is going to be an xciting time for Newton le Willows ARC, we have several events planned for 2019, as well as hopefully the new permanant shack. Work on the new shack is being carried out by numerous club members who are all giving their time freely to ensure we make progress.

New operating position installed
New working position installed

The above two pictures show the two new benches that have been assembled, one for operating the club radio’s, and one for project / construction work. Anyone who observed how full and cluttered this room was before it was emptied will realise just how much work has gone into making this space useable.

Planned events for 2019 include a trip to Bletchley Park (April 27th), Penmon Beach activations (May 3rd weekend, August 23rd weekend), Amateur Satellite Experiments on Winter Hill (June 15th), and a PiFox hunting day at Dellamere Forrest (July 20th).

All of these are of course subject to numbers.

We will of course continue to cater for new members, and hope that the new facilities, and some of the excursions will help to engage them more in what Amateur Radio is about. Last year we held more than a dozen exams, introducing many more people to the delights of Amateur Radio.

One last important piece of news – the new shack is obviously costing the club money, both to build, and of course also to rent. This unfortunately means a slight increase in weeekly subs of 50p (£3.00 to £3.50), with annual memberships of £15.

Anyone who wishes to join, but is struggling financially, please talk to one of the clubs officers – we can under special circumstances reduce or waive fees, though exams must be paid for.