Field Events

Special Event Station GB1LIM (CHOTA 2015)

The Club ran a special event station at a local Church for Chota (Churches and Chapels On The Air). Conditions weren’t the best, but we had several visitors from the general public and a few Radio Hams.

Alan G1EFU, and Peter G3XRI operating the VHF / UHF station.
Alan G1EFU, and Peter G3XRI operating the VHF / UHF station.


G1EFU's Walking Stick!
G1EFU’s Walking Stick!
Display Stand inside the Church
Display Stand inside the Church


Beaumarris Expedition 2/3 October 2015

Two of our members, G1HIP and M0ZLK operated from a under used beach close to Beaumarris early in October 2015, and did extremely well (despite M0ZLK managing to burn out a Balun)!

Video of some of the contacts

Beaumarris 4
One of the Aerials, and the ‘shack’


Beaumarris 5
The burnt out Balun!


Beaumarris 2
Conditions were cramped to say the least!


Beaumarris 3
Aerial location. Note the numerous ground planes and the proximity to the ocean


Penmon Expedition 1/2 July 2015

July 2017 saw an intrepid group travel to Penmon near Beaumaris on the isle of Anglesey. Keith G1HIP, ‘Jay’ M0UNN arrived first and set the site up for 20M using a vertical antenna with numerous radials.

Later in the day, Lee M6OAU, and Le (SWL) arrived later and helped put up the 40M antenna.

Although band conditions were not the best, a number of stations were worked all over the world. A good day, with many happy amateurs – hopefully we will visit again later in the year.