Equipment For Loan To Members ONLY

We have a number of members with equipment they are willing to loan to fellow members. The equipment is loaned between the two members. The CLUB is not responsible for lost / damaged equipment that is loaned between individual members. The club suggests that the members agree terms between themselves, and if necessary write the terms down and get both members and an external witness to sign the agreement.

If you are loaning equipment to new members, then please ensure that you demonstrate the equipments use, and if necessary draw up an ‘idiot sheet’ as well as including any instructions that may be available.

If you are borrowing equipment from a member, then please ensure you know how to operate the equipment safely, and within the equipments limits.

Make Model Type Serial # Use Contact
Feature Tech AW07A Antenna Analyser N/A Checking antennas M0LGL
Maplin YN48C Grid Dip Osc N/A Check Resonant Frequency M0LGL
Drae N/A V/UHF Wavemeter N/A Check radiated signal M0LGL
Baofeng UV5R VHF / UHF Handy 201204R05169 Transceiver M0LGL
Leixan VV898 V/U Mobile N/A Transceiver G1EFU